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Ringing out the Good News from Hammond Presbyterian Church June 2019

June 2019

Dear Friends:

We are poised for the mighty transforming wind of the Holy Spirit as the Day of Pentecost is fast upon us! We choose to look forward with hope while firmly grounded in our faith. We trust God in Christ to be present with us for God’s presence is our stability. I was curious about the source of the oft repeated proverb or phrase which pops up in various forms: If you want to make God laugh, tell God your plans.  This is what I found in an article by Saul Levine in Psychology Today:

“Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht” is an old Yiddish adage meaning, “Man Plans, and God Laughs.” Despite our most careful planning, the Road of Life is unpredictable. We might have driving and destination strategies but scenic new vistas might beckon us or unforeseen roadblocks can deter us. 

      Our best-laid plans in life can be upended by unexpected changes, which could be either disappointing or exhilarating. Personal or other setbacks, losses of loved ones, illnesses or accidents, broken hearts or tortured souls, are not uncommon occurrences in our lives. On the other hand, fate can provide unanticipated good fortune or heartening experiences.* 

So, you notice I shared more than just the source of the adage! Saul spoke of it so well I borrowed his words. 

When Tom and I first connected with the Pastor Nominating Committee of Hammond PC and fell in love with them (Lisa Gallagher, Jennifer Gardner, Allison Barrigar, Jackie Washburn, Bridget Sherman), the church, the people, and the geography we knew we would be considering what might be a place for us for many years to come. As you know by now our plans have changed as to longevity here and we will soon be relocating to Gowanda, NY. I will begin a new call with the First Presbyterian Church as of July 1. Exactly three years since I began ministry with Hammond. The Hammond Presbyterian Church is poised for something new and wonderful with current elder and deacon leadership in place and a new pastor to come in God’s time and, manifestation. 

Thusly, it seems appropriate that we all celebrate this transition on June 9, the Day of Pentecost. Please make every effort to attend morning worship on June 9 as we focus our thoughts, energies, worship, praise, thanksgiving, and celebration on the presence and inspiration of Holy Spirit. The morning will begin with a prelude of drumming from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM. The color of the day is red, so please, come dressed either in red or accessorized in red! You are welcome to join in the drumming as you arrive. The church drums will be available and of course you may bring your own percussion instruments! During the service the Deacons will be recognizing congregation members with the annual Deacons’ Awards. Drumming will close out the service as we make our way to the pavilion for the Annual Picnic. Please bring food to share if you are able. If not, please come anyway! The Deacons will be providing hamburgers, hot dogs, and beverages.

At the close of our time together on June 9, I will have completed my responsibilities to you as your pastor and will no longer be providing pastoral services or functioning in that capacity during the remaining days as Tom and I pack up our belongings and prepare to depart. The movers will arrive June 20. You are welcome to check in on us, say hello, see how we are doing in that process! It would be helpful to us to not be left completely alone during that time, but according to our presbytery policy on leave taking by a pastor, I will not be serving as your pastor in any function. That still gives us freedom to communicate during our remaining days in Hammond. 

If you are in need of pastoral care or services, please contact your clerk of session, Lynn DeCondo 

and she will make the connections to fulfill your need. You are not left comfortless!!

Part of our hope is that during the weeks between the conclusion of my ministry here on the 9th and the beginning of my ministry in Gowanda in July, I will engage in some health recovery time. My Celiac Disease is being managed well and I am noticing a difference. Soon I will complete the steroid treatment for the autoimmune hepatitis and will have testing done to determine the success of that treatment alongside the ongoing medication to support my liver. I can highly recommend the physicians who have cared for me here, so if you need references for a rheumatologist and a gastroenterologist I am happy to give them. They ARE present in the North Country!!

Tom joins me in thanking you for your love, acceptance, sharing in ministry for the three years we have been together, and for supporting us in our new call. You are being blessed and you are a blessing. God is making the way clear in Hammond and for each of us.

Love and peace,


   Resource: *Saul Levine M.D., is Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry at the University of California at San Diego 




6:30 PM-8:00 PM

In the Chapel!

Jackie has returned to provide a weekly Y12SR program!! Each Tuesday evening in June, July, and August from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM a Yoga- 12 Steps to Recovery program will be held in the chapel. Jackie provided this program a few times last summer and all who attended found it to be very helpful. Please share the news and come if you think it might be helpful to you!! If you want to try it out and do not have a yoga mat there are a limited number of mats from which one might borrow.

Al Anon Family Group

  Al Anon Family Group


9:30 AM-10:30 AM

In the Dining Hall

When the Wednesday morning Paths to Recovery Group began many months ago it was an Al Anon meeting specifically for women. This summer the meeting is open to all and is not gender specific! If you are affected by alcoholism in a family member or friend this is the Twelve Step recovery group for you! The meetings are anonymous and confidential which means what is spoken at the meeting and knowledge about who attends remains in the meeting. Hammond Church members have been and will continue to be supportive and respectful of this time and the location of the meeting each Wednesday morning.

Church Choir Rehearsal

  Church Choir Rehearsal


7:00 PM

In the Chapel

A new night !!!!

Drumming Circle

  Drumming Circle

Second Tuesday

June 11

A community drumming circle has been meeting on the second Tuesday of each month since January! The next circle will be held on June 11 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

If you are interested in more information and the location (which will be shifting around during the summer) please contact Steve Goobic or Rev. Evon.


  Through our Easter Memorial donations, we were able to sent $420.00 to our Missionary co-worker in West Africa, Josh Heikkila. Thanks to all who helped with this project, as well as to all who gave funds to decorate our Easter sanctuary with beautiful spring plants.

Josh continues to write of his experiences in West Africa. Speaking to some new Christians preparing to partake of the Lord’s Supper for the first time, he discussed how the Apostle Paul instructed the Corinthians to examine themselves before coming to the Lord’s table. God has high expectations for us, while showing His grace and mercy for us. Speaking with some church members who sell fruits and vegetables in the market in Accra, he was told of their deep sense of the divine presence in their lives and in the world around them, especially when they have helped people in need and feel blessed by God when they do this. One woman gave away her last best dress to someone needing it for a special occasion. Another gave her last portion of food to someone who was hungry, homeless and living on the street. Could we be so generous in similar circumstances?

While Christianity is strong in southern Ghana, migrants from the north are encouraged to go back home and spread their life-giving faith in the north, where there may be only a small Christian presence, if one at all. In the north, the church has established agricultural, educational and health programs that are bringing transformative development to that part of the country.

Joan Hadlock

Table and Chairs

  With the summer time coming, many events will be happening at our Church and also at other events outside of our Church. To prevent hardship and confusion with our Tables and Chairs that are allowed to be borrowed, Please Contact Tara in the Secretary Office at (315)324-5665 Monday-Friday 9am-12pm or Email at Thank you for your help and understanding.


 The next Hammond Food Pantry will be Thursday, June 20, 2019, from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m at the Hammond Fire Hall. All income eligible families are encouraged to come to receive free food. If possible, please bring a box for the food. Also on the same day, the Food Sense program will be held. This is open to everyone who wants to save on their food dollars. Food Sense food must be ordered and paid for by June 7th. All items are listed on a monthly menu, which includes a unit of food for $20.50, and a selection of specials which may be ordered and paid for separately. These foods include meats and fish, fresh produce, canned good and packaged meals. The Food Sense truck comes in around noon on Food Pantry days. Anyone interested in receiving information about the Food Pantry or Food Sense programs may contact Joan Hadlock 324-5517.

Chair Yoga

  To my HPC summer family, it saddens my heart to have to say that I will not be teaching chair yoga this summer. I had every intention to start class on 18 June as stated in the May newsletter. However, we were blessed in finding a buyer for our Black Lake camp and will be leaving the North Country for parts south the 1st of July. 

    You have graciously allowed me to enter your chapel several days a week for the last 6 +/- yrs and I will truly treasure our time together.  

    As we all continue on our life's journeys...may our hearts be full of love, peace and joy.

Fondly, Ellen

A New Pair of Shoes By Tara Atherton

  The other day I had to buy myself a new pair of sandals and I’m very picky when it comes to shoes (and socks) that go on my feet. If I’m going to be walking around for hours, I want my feet to be as comfortable as possible. I’ve worn socks that make my feet sweat, sandals that create blisters the size of quarters, and shoes that try to roll my ankle with every step I take. So when I go shoe shopping, I sit in the shoe store for a long time, trying on shoes and pacing the whole store. I’ve learned that there is a specific brand of shoes that I love and will always buy. I don’t go shoe shopping often though, because there’s something about a worn in pair of shoes that fit perfectly to your feet that I have a hard time to part with. I’ve worn a pair of shoes until the sole of it peeled off and even then I was trying to figure out how to repair them so I could continue to wear them, when I realized that I was no shoe repair person. Luckily, I knew that I needed a new pair of shoes and I had already bought a pair. The question though that is my usual question when I buy something in advance and then put it in a “safe place” is, now where did I put them? 

Finding comfort is something that I also found in our Church. Lots of changes are happening this summer, but yet I know when I come to Church on Sunday, that it’s like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes that I’ve owned for years. I may not be a person who can repair shoes, but God knows how to repair all my scuffs, holes, and blisters that I may be carrying around with in my soul, that I don’t know is there. Even though coming to church is like putting on a pair of shoes that I’ve had for years, God has kept those shoes in perfect shape for me to wear when I walk and settle down for Sunday service. Luckily, I have never had to search for these “shoes” that God has given me, since when I get to Church that is my safe place.